Tiny Home Raffle

A Win-Win

The Tiny Town Association is building a model tiny home (the Logan32) and planning a series of Affordable Living Festivals and tiny home tours. The Festivals are intended to provide the public with an opportunity to tour several tiny homes, visit vendors offering products and services to tiny homeowners and attend seminars by notables of the tiny home movement. The tour will bring the Logan32 to cities where a Festival has not been planned. Open-house exhibits of the tiny home will be available to members of the local government, schools, social housing agencies, businesses, the public, and the media. Seminars and Q&A periods will provide them with key information about tiny homes.

During the Festival/Tour the 24Pillars charity plans to sell tickets to win the Logan32. The tickets will be sold during each Festival day and the winner will be randomly drawn when all tickets are sold. The Logan32 will be delivered along with much media coverage, to the winner. 24Pillars expects that enough tickets will be sold to pay for the Logan32 and build another tiny home to donate to an agency helping the homeless.

The Idea Grows

By selling tickets for just $5 each during the Festivals/Tour Stops, 24Pillars expects to raise enough funds to pay for the Logan32 and to be able to build another tiny home to donate through the ARTO-Program. During the business modeling process, it became apparent that if 24Pillars raised startup funds through supporter donations, it could afford to cover operations and the initial Logan32 costs. This would leave the draw ticket sales to build another Logan32 for another draw, in addition to the donation home. The ability to replace the Logan32 and build a donation home creates the possibility of providing an ongoing source of tiny homes for donation to agencies helping with affordable housing and the homeless.

While physical ticket sales during the Festivals would be a great way to introduce people to the tiny home raffle, it didn’t provide an easy way to operate future raffles for tiny homes. The idea of selling tickets online provided a way of building a database of interested ticket buyers. This was the final piece of the puzzle.

Ticket sales are now planned to be placed through a new website operated by 24Pillars, TinyHomeLotto.com. The website will provide a means of keeping connected with those who are interested in winning a tiny home so they can be informed of upcoming draws and new Logan32 features. 24Pillars plans to operate tiny home draws, once each year for each Community Pillar that supports the charity, beginning in year 2 of operations. This will result in 1-5 or more tiny homes donated to each community, each year.

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We are in the process of applying for charitable status so that we have the ability to issue receipts to large donors and sell tickets to win a tiny home as our fundraising activity. Money raised through the draw will be used to fund tiny home construction programs in high schools, colleges and, universities. The houses built in the programs will be donated to local homeless agencies for use in their programs. This will also help build awareness at the school level of homelessness issues in their communities.

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