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Pillars are individuals, corporations and organizations that have achieved a level of success in life, providing them with the ability to financially help others. They appreciate the vision that 24Pillars holds of providing tiny homes for the homeless and increasing the affordable housing options everywhere.

Some Pillars are active, and some are silent, but all are appreciated in helping us achieve our mission. Silent Pillars have chosen to provide a financial donation and active Pillars have chosen to augment their financial donation by becoming our point of contact in their community. There is only 1 Pillar for each unique municipality, city, town or hamlet. They connect with local schools about our tiny home construction program, local homelessness agencies about giving them tiny homes, the media about informing the public about our progress and the local government about integrating tiny homes.

If you would like to become part of the 24Pillars movement to end homelessness and expand the affordable housing options in your community, apply here:

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We are in the process of applying for charitable status so that we have the ability to issue receipts to large donors and sell tickets to win a tiny home as our fundraising activity. Money raised through the draw will be used to fund tiny home construction programs in high schools, colleges and, universities. The houses built in the programs will be donated to local homeless agencies for use in their programs. This will also help build awareness at the school level of homelessness issues in their communities.

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