Partnering for Success

Using innovation to help people with a home of their own

24Pillars plans to partner with high schools, colleges, and universities across to design and build tiny homes that will be donated to local agencies that help people with housing. We will provide the equipment, products, and parts needed to support and develop school programs focused on tiny home design, construction, and sustainable living initiatives.

We feel that through these partnerships we can foster a long-term appreciation for a housing-first perspective to addressing affordable housing and homelessness. We see schools as a potential source for housing innovations and want to support this development where possible.

School Partnerships

We're planning to partner with schools to innovate, design, and build tiny homes as affordable housing and homeless housing solutions. Tiny homes built in the programs will be donated to local homeless agencies.

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We are seeking Pillars to join our cause to reduce homelessness and increase affordable housing in communities across Canada.

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Pillars will connect with local schools about our program sponsoring the construction of tiny homes. Homes built in the program will be provided to the homeless.

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We will provide equipment, tools, materials, and guidance for an ongoing program designing and building tiny homes. Homes built in the course will be provided to the homeless.

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Program participants will learn about the design and construction of tiny homes, as well as how their efforts will help someone transition out of homelessness.

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We are in the process of applying for charitable status so that we have the ability to issue receipts to large donors and sell tickets to win a tiny home as our fundraising activity. Money raised through the draw will be used to fund tiny home construction programs in high schools, colleges and, universities. The houses built in the programs will be donated to local homeless agencies for use in their programs. This will also help build awareness at the school level of homelessness issues in their communities.

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