Making homelessness & affordable housing history with tiny homes

24Pillars is a charity that grew from the desire to provide affordable housing and a homelessness solution for people in Canada. The number of people that are living “on the streets” or unable to find affordable housing across the nation is growing and the government is struggling to implement programs to address the issue. Working through various agencies, 24Pillars plans to donate tiny homes on an ongoing basis to provide a new start for the homeless and increase the affordable housing options available to everyone.

Our Housing Partners

We're funding tiny homes and supporting tiny home communities ...

We are really excited that Raising the Roof has become our first Charity Partner. We're looking forward to providing them with tiny homes to help those in need.

Coming Soon

As awareness of our project grows, we will add new agencies we are supporting with tiny homes for the homeless.

Coming Soon

As awareness of our project grows, we will add new locations for affordable housing.


Coming Soon

As awareness of our project grows, we will add new Tiny Town locations providing affordable communities of tiny homeowners.

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We are in the process of applying for charitable status so that we have the ability to issue receipts to large donors and sell tickets to win a tiny home as our fundraising activity. Money raised through the draw will be used to fund tiny home construction programs in high schools, colleges and, universities. The houses built in the programs will be donated to local homeless agencies for use in their programs. This will also help build awareness at the school level of homelessness issues in their communities.

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